WMF World Championships 2019

The World Championships are held every two years and is the very competition that the New Zealand Mini Golf team cut their international putting teeth back in 2015.

The competition is tough, usually played on surfaces that we don't see the likes of in Australasia - fibreglass, concrete, so the opportunities to practice are limited.  But that doesn't stop our brave Kiwis from rising to the cahllenge.

This year's championships are being hosted by mini golf newcomers China, in the picturesque water town of Zouzhuang, where players from all over the world will come to compete at a purpose-built mini golf facility.


The New Zealand Contingent

Three competitors have put their names on the green to represent New Zealand in Zouzhuang this year and are no strangers to international competition: Cameron Couper, Kris Vine and Tamara Lear-Vine.

More information can be found on the official WMF Championship 2019 website: https://wc2019.minigolfsport.com