NZ Mini Golf Player Membership

Annual membership dues are a mere $30 (NZD) for individuals, or $50 for double (2 people at the same address), and open to all residents of New Zealand.

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Why do I want to become a member?

Not only will you be showing your enthusiasm for mini golf in New Zealand, but we are introducing benefits such as discounts at your favourite mini golf course.

Starting in 2022, membership will be required to compete regularly in the Putting Tour events and be on the leaderboard.

We’ve also secured discounted rounds at Enchanted Forest Mini Golf (Onehunga) and Wild Wood Mini Golf (Whitianga) and we’re working on more courses for discounts.

We’ll also throw in a few NZMGF stickers (perfect for your windshield) and some business cards with info about mini golf in New Zealand for you to give to anyone curious.


What if I don’t become a member?

The New Zealand Minigolf Federation strives for an inclusive community - everyone is welcome at open events and we will always welcome feedback - regardless of membership.

The Putting Tour now requires membership to compete, but you can try it out without membership for three events before you need to register to continue playing in these events and be on the leaderboard.


Why does the NZMGF want members?

The New Zealand Mini Golf Federation’s primary goal is to raise awareness of minigolf as a sport - for competition as well as playing for fun. Membership grows the NZMGF, allowing us to support the community better with regular events, communication and make better decisions based on members feedback.


What are membership fees used towards?

We will use membership fees to cover costs such as World Minigolf Federation fees, promotion fees and to help organise cooler prizes, more events and bolder campaigns to generate awareness of Mini Golf.

We also have exciting ideas such as member stats score tracking and even a mobile app for finding courses, scoring a round and sharing results.  These can be explored further with the help of membership fees.


How to become a NZMGF member

  1. Complete the online membership form
  2. Agree to the NZMGF Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations.
  3. Pay annual membership fee of $30 for an individual, or $50 for double (2 people at the same address)



  • Discounts at Enchanted Forest Mini Golf (Onehunga) and Wild Wood Mini Golf (Whitianga)
  • Registration for Putting Tour and leaderboard


Some of the Planned Future Benefits

  • Discounts for more courses
  • Member scoring and statistics tracking



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