How to become a NZMGF member

Annual membership dues are a mere $30 (NZD) and open to all residents of New Zealand.

Click on the Sign-up button below after reading and agreeing to the Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations.  This will take you to the Stripe checkout.

If you wish to pay via bank deposit or cash, please get in touch.


  • Member prices for entry to selected NZMGF events and discounts on NZMGF merchandise.
  • Invitation to NZMGF meetings and voting rights.
  • Online score recording, statistics and comparisons with other members.

Future benefits

  • Discounted rate programme at NZMGF courses.
  • Improved ranking/digital profile system via NZMGF website.

What if I don’t become a member?

The New Zealand Minigolf Federation will always promote an inclusive community - everyone is welcome at our events and we will always listen to feedback - member or not.

Why does the NZMGF want members?

Our primary goal is to introduce more people to minigolf as a sport - whether this be competitively or playing for fun. Having membership allows the NZMGF to grow in size, communicate better with regular players and make better decisions based on member input.

As the sport and the NZMGF both continue to grow, the overall goal is for members to benefit from membership just as much as the Federation.

What are member dues used towards?

The NZMGF is a not-for-profit organisation and currently receives no ongoing funding or grants from the government or any other organisation. All committee members and event officials act on a volunteer basis.

The NZMGF raises funds through event sponsorship to cover any associated event costs. These often include; course fees, WMF fees, promotion fees etc. Any income from member dues is used to help with the above mentioned event costs and any other costs associated promotion costs that help grow the sport.


By clicking "Sign-Up" you have read and agree to the Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations.