The Sport

Immediately when someone mentions mini-putt, putt-putt, or mini-golf, the thought of "Is it really a sport?" chimes in your head.  Well, the europeans believe so!  We've all been there and when you consider what mini golf has to offer, the game has everything any other sport has - skill, discipline, thrills of victory and the drama of defeat.

And yes, you've played it on your family holidays, you mostly associate it with goofy windmill obstacles, but we have yet to meet anyone who hasn't freed themselves from skepticism after playing in one of the regular club or national events.  This is in part thanks to mini golf has a low barrier to entry and enjoyed by all walks of life, but also due to how fun it is to play.


The Federation

New Zealand launched themselves upon the world mini golf stage in 2015 at the World Minigolf Championships in Lahti, Finland when a group of enthusiastic Kiwis incorporated the New Zealand Mini Golf Federation (NZMGF) to represent Aotearoa in the sport.  Once these pioneers returned to the Southern Hemisphere, they sought to promote amateur competition and provide avenues for others to take part internationally.

Since then, we've held annual New Zealand Minigolf Opens, frequent events and a few clubs have formed to carry on the passion and enjoyment in a social setting.

The New Zealand Mini Golf Federation is associated with the World Minigolf Federation - the international governing body for mini golf.  We are also part of the Oceania Mini Golf Federation and have a good relationship with our cousins across the ditch, the Australian Mini Golf Federation

Founding Members: Lucy Giesen, Oliver Hicks (President), Chris Service and Henry Stock.


Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations

The code of conduct, rules and regulations represents 11 pages of the most exciting reading of your life.  But in all seriousness, this document aims to cover the details deeper than how to hit the ball into it's home.  It is an amalgamation of the World Minigolf Federation rules, New Zealand "classic" rules and situations that have occurred during our short time as a community.

The rules are complemented by course-specific rules and many events will have event-specific rulings.

The Rulebook is available here

If you have any questions regarding the content, feel free to contact us.


Membership and Getting Involved

We are a wecloming community and we know you'll enjoy our passion too.  If you want to play, check out the upcoming events, visit a club meet (or start a club).  If you want to help us achieve our goals, we're always looking for volunteers, sponsors or even just a shout-out.

Another way to support the game and yourself is by becoming a member.  New Zealand Mini Golf membership gives you some growing benefits and you can help directly shape the sport in New Zealand.

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