2023 Putting Tour

NZMGF Putting Tour 2023

2023's Putting Tour is the most ambitious yet - 7 double weekends spanning across Aotearoa for a total of 14 events, each consisting of up to 4 rounds of 18 holes, with the lowest total score taking out first place.

ALL SKILLS AND AGES ARE INVITED and whether you lead the pack or trail at the back, you'll be sure to enjoy yourself - we're excited to include the amateur and youth categories, first introduced in late 2022.

Amateur players compete in 2 rounds, whereas pro will be challenged to 4 rounds.

Ties for the event are resolved with "sudden death" - tied players play face-to-face to putt the lowest score on a hole until the person with the lowest stroke count is left.


If you're playing in more than one event, a NZMGF membership puts your name on the annual tour leader board.  This is calculated on your best (most points) 7 events, allowing you to skip some of the events (because you know, minigolf for life, but life happens).

Points are distributed between players before any tie-breaks.  Players sharing the same position take the average of the tied ranks - e.g. if two people finish 1st equal, each will receive half of 1st (50) and 2nd rank points (40) combined: 45 points (half of 50+40)

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th - 15th 16th+
Points 50 40 34 28 25 22 19 16 13 10 7 5


  • Tee-off within the marked areas. If unmarked, tee-off is at maximum, one club shaft length from the start of each hole
  • The ball can be relocated 20cm away from walls and obstacles, as long as no advantage is gained (e.g. line of sight to the hole)
  • If the ball leaves the green, return it to the point where it left and re-position using the rule above (no penalty shot awarded)
  • Don't be a dick

Rules will be reiterated during the briefing before the start of play, along with any exceptions due to course conditions or otherwise.  The complete New Zealand Minigolf Federation rules are available here.


You can register for a single putting tour event, at a discounted rate for both weekend events.

Save even more with 10-event or annual passes for the pro division.

Amateur Registration Fees

  Non-members Members
Single Event - Youth $15 $15
Single Event - Adult $20 $20
Double Event - Youth $30 $25
Double Event - Adult $40 $35

Pro Registration Fees

  Non-members Members
Single Event $50 $40
Double Event $85 $65
10-Event Pass $350 $300

Annual Pass (Includes Open)

$650 $600


Event Date Tee-Off Time Course Results
1 11/02 9:00am The Shearer's Quarters, Temuka Results
12/02  9:30am  Caroline Bay, Timaru Results
04/03  2:00pm  Kiwiana Leisure Park, Ōtorohanga Results
05/03  10:00am  Pro Drive, Hamilton Results
29/04  2:00pm  Wild Wood Mini Golf, Whitianga Results
30/04  9:30am  Whanga Putter, Whangamatā Results
7 10/06 2:00pm Treasure Island Adventure Golf, Auckland Results
8 11/06 9:30am Enchanted Forest Mini Golf, Auckland Results
9 05/08 2:00pm Par 2 - Deco Drive (Green), Napier Results
10 06/08 9:30am Par 2 - Pacific Pro Am (Blue), Napier Results
11 14/10 3:00pm Mini Golf and Jeeps, Tauranga Results
12 15/10 10:00am Golf360, Tauranga Results
13 04/11 4:00pm Hillsborough Holden Museum, New Plymouth Register
14 05/11 10:00am Inglewood Mini Golf, Inglewood Register

 * Please note that the two Christchurch events have been cancelled due to being unable to confirm courses.