2018 Chromax Putting Tour

New Zealand's Competitive putting tour is back - this season will see players on compete on some exciting new courses as well as a new and improved points scoring system.


Official Ball Sponsor: Chromax Golf now available in New Zealand at Pro MiniGolf NZ Limited



Players can participate in the Pro, Amateur or Juniors Division.

Each event consists of 4 rounds.

Pro players play with a handicap system based on the last 4-6 rounds.  Cash prizes go to the handicap winners and ongoing points are awareded based on stroke play winners.

Amateur and Junior divisions are competing only the leaderboard and prizes provided by Pro Minigolf NZ Limited.

Each event has separate green fees and Pro division buy-in is $20 per event


1st 50
2nd 40
3rd 34
4th 28
5th 25
6th 22
7th 19
8th 16
9th 13
10th 10
11th 7
12th 7
13th 7
14th 7
15th 7
16th+ 5



Rules will be re-iterated at each event

  1. Only course-provided Minigolf balls, official USGA Approved golf balls or official European Mini Golf Balls to be used
  2. Tee-off behind or on marked lines
  3. Max strokes per hole is 7 (then pick up).
  4. Each player to finish the hole before the next player tees off.
  5. If the ball exits the lane, place back at point of exit as per rule 5 - there is no penalty stroke.
  6. If your ball comes to rest against the edge, you can place the ball 1x scorecard length perpendicular to the edge.
  7. Score cards must have full names and be signed by all players named on the card 


The Federation is enforcing a strict fair-play policy.

You may use your own putter and ball.



EventDateTee-OffCourseGreen Fees
1 07/04/2018 1:00PM Lilliputt Safari (Auckland) $15
2 12/05/2018 1:00PM Prodrive Golf (Hamilton) $11
3 30/06/2018 1:00PM Prodrive Golf (Rotorua) $11
4 14/07/2018 1:00PM Lumberjax Mini Golf  (Rotorua) $0
5 11/08/2018 1:00PM Prodrive Golf (Hamilton) $11
6 01/09/2018 4:00PM Onehunga Enchanted Forest (Auckland) $12
7 22/09/2018 1:00PM Kiwiana Leisure Park (Otorohanga) $15
8 20/10/2018 1:00PM Golf360 (Formerly Prodrive Golf) (Omanu) $11
9 24/11/2018 1:00PM Hillsborough Holden Museum (New Plymouth) $15
10 08/12/2019 1:00PM Lilliputt T-Rex (Auckland) $15